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Reliable telecommunications is important to our business in achieving our vision to be a leader in developing and maintaining sustainable networks. In 2008, we purchased our own in-house Communications Services business as part of our strategy to meet our growing need for telecommunications services and create new business opportunities.

The backbone of the communications network is a microwave radio system that is complemented by a growing number of optic fibre circuits progressively being installed as part of the electricity transmission network. New microwave repeater sites also are being established to improve reliability and increase our capacity for expanding services.

In addition to meeting our own communications needs, we also provide specialist, high reliability telecommunications services to customers in the electricity supply industry in Tasmania as well as to other external customers, including support for the State Government's trunk mobile radio network. Our network is currently the only telecommunications network in Tasmania to meet the performance levels required by the electricity supply industry. Like Transend, these companies need a very high standard of reliability for telecommunications services that are used for key operational purposes such as power system protection, monitoring and control, voice communications and asset management functions.

We have an excellent service record in this area with our network available for more than 99.99 per cent of the time. We aim to maintain these performance levels by continuing to strengthen our microwave radio network as well as offering new products to our customers. We're also providing our expertise to assist companies involved in important projects such as the National Broadband Network roll-out in Tasmania and the Tasmanian Gas Pipeline.

For more information on our telecommunications services contact us on 1300 361 811.