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Date : Monday, 6 February 2012
Author : Matthew Groom MP
Energy will be a key pillar of Tasmania's future economy under a majority Liberal Government.

There is no doubt that energy, and particularly carbon-free energy, will be one of the most sought-after commodities of the future economy.

We have a significant natural advantage in energy because of our high rainfall and consistent wind resources, and we also have a competitive advantage because we have already established substantial Hydro and wind generating assets.

With the introduction of the Carbon Tax, Tasmania now has a real environmental advantage in the National Energy Market by virtues of our ability to produce significant amounts of carbon free electricity.

The Liberals' vision for energy in Tasmania's Future Economy is for us to seize this opportunity by expanding upon our existing renewable energy assets. and realizing our full potential as a genuine net exporter of carbon-free energy.

To achieve this, a majority Hodgman Liberal Government will actively support and encourage Hydro Tasmania's expansion of renewable energy generating assets, such as the Mussleroe wind farm.

We will also support private sector investment in renewable technologies including those that leverage off our natural assets such as wave and tidal energy, bio-energy, and bio-fuels.

We'll stand up for Tasmania's right to be a major player in the National Energy Market, including making our case for a nationally funded Bass Link II which will secure our rightful place at the forefront of renewable development opportunities in Australia. We'll proactively seek out opportunities to firmly establish Tasmania as a national leader in renewable energy based research and education.

And we absolutely guarantee we won't sell the Hydro. The Hydro is one of our greatest assets. It's a big part of our heritage and under a Liberal Government it will continue to play a central role in maximising our prosperity in the Future Economy.

By passing on our carbon-free energy advantage to small businesses and households, we will assist in making Tasmania the most competitive place in Australia to do business.

In addition, we remain committed to introducing full retail competition to our electricity market, to provide choice to consumers and to put downward pressure on prices.

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