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  1. Would like to see a twitter inspired programming language. Hard small limits on arguments/method, methods&ivars/class, symbols/method, etc.

  2. Wahhhmbulance x 1: $278.00 Sobspital Room x 4: $18,600.00 Whineary Care Physician: $20,012.00 ---------- TOTAL: ;.(

  3. uh oh I thought about the beginning of "Up" while eating again. fighting back salty tears. damn near ruined my soup

  4. i don't mind you identity thieves thieving my identity. i just ask that you do something cool with it and return it when you're finished.

  5. I strongly insist you use spaces Just before opening curly braces And after each "if", in every diff If you wish to remain in good graces

  6. – a new tax resource for the sharing economy: Skillshare teachers, Kickstarter creators, Airbnb hosts, Etsy sellers.

  7. Lemme give ya a tour of my wheelhouse. This rec room is my sweet spot, but let's grab beanbag chairs and head downstairs to the comfort zone

  8. . y there r 4 of u. y u wear a sweater with shorts. y r u upcycling Pepsi can for bracelet. do they hurt.

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