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  1. Updated Rules of the Road & Display Requirements: more clarity, based on your feedback. Read more in our dev forum:

  2. As part of the retirement plan today, we're also about to discontinue Basic Auth support for unelevated Streaming API roles. Use OAuth 1.0A.

  3. The retirement of API v1 continues. Most inbound requests should now see HTTP 410, including to the old Search API.

  4. We will begin 410ing inbound API v1 traffic now. We will gradually ramp up over the next several minutes. More info:

  5. We're starting the retirement process a little later than expected; we'll tweet as we begin closer to 2:30pm.

  6. API v1 Retirement will happen today, beginning sometime after 1:30PM PDT. We'll tweet as we ramp up. What to expect:

  7. API v1 blackout testing is just about complete. API v1 will retire permanently on June 11, 2013. Upgrade to 1.1:

  8. API v1 blackout testing is still underway. We're gradually increasing the amount of v1 traffic being sent HTTP 410.

  9. API v1 blackout testing has begun. Requests to deprecated resources will return HTTP 410.

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