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Policy objectives

Energy for the Future

Minister’s Statement

Smart Networks Information Paper

Market and Regulatory Framework

Market and Regulatory Framework Position Paper

Regulation of Hydro Tasmania’s wholesale contract prices – Technical Report – Concept Consulting

Electricity Reform (Implementation) Bill 2013

Electricity Supply Industry Act 1995 (Marked-up version)

Electricity Supply Industry (Pricing and Related Matters) Regulations 2013

National Energy Retail Law (Tasmania) Amendment Regulations 2013

Question and Answer Sheet for Electricity Reform Bill 2012 (May 2012)

Electricity Reform Act 2012

Electricity Supply Industry (Price Control and Related Matters) Amendment Regulations 2012

Feed-in Tariffs: Transition to Full Retail Competition Issues Paper

Feed-in Tariffs: Transition to Full Retail Competition Supplementary Paper

Tasmanian Government Retail Price Submission

Ernst & Young Retail Price Submission 

Tasmanian Government Retail Price Submission Q&A

Fact Sheets (2012)

Overview Fact Sheet

Electricity pricing and you Fact Sheet

Retail Competition Fact Sheet

Network Integration Fact Sheet

Wholesale Market Reform Fact Sheet

Maximising Tasmania’s Clean Energy Advantage Fact Sheet

Maintaining Tasmania’s Energy Security Fact Sheet

Immediate Price Relief Fact Sheet

Electricity Reform Bill 2012 Fact Sheet

Support for vulnerable Tasmanians Fact Sheet

Fact Sheets (2013)

What customers need to know? Fact Sheet

Protecting customers under competition Fact Sheet

Introduction to Full Retail Competition Fact Sheet

Energy Concessions Fact Sheet

Regulation of Hydro Tasmania’s wholesale contracts Fact Sheet

Guide to Legislation Fact Sheet

Feed-in tariffs under retail competition Fact Sheet

Pricing protection for customers under full retail competition

Introducing contestability for small businesses

Project Governance

Electricity Reform Project – Governance Arrangements

Committee’s status reports

Expert Panel

Retail Divestment