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What do I need to do?

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As the current Aurora contracts are being sold to new retailers, you will not be required to do anything, including making any arrangements for electricity supply. You will be transferred from Aurora’s regulated product to your new retailer’s regulated product. Aurora Energy will contact you directly if you need to do anything between now and 1 January 2014.

How do I change retailers when full retail competition commences?

Once the market is fully open and customers can transfer between not only the competing retailers but other retailers, electricity providers are likely to offer incentives to transfer from your current retailer to them. They will also have the systems set up to enable this transfer at your discretion. To change retailers, you will only have to contact a new retailer who will then guide you through the transfer without any interruption to your electricity supply.

What will happen to Aurora Pay As You Go?

 Aurora Pay As You Go is also being sold to a new retailer, the same as Aurora’s standard contract customers. Pay As You Go might be sold to one of the same retailers that buys some of the standard contract customers, or it may be sold to a separate retailer.

Pay As You Go will continue as an unregulated product, but customers will maintain the right to transfer back onto a regulated standard contract if they wish.

What else should I know?

To make the move to full retail competition easier, it may be useful to understand:

  • how much electricity you use (this information is available by viewing your bill history);
  • how you use electricity;
  • how your bill is calculated, noting the fixed and variable charges; and
  • how you can save energy.

Then when full retail competition begins, you will be able to make a more informed decision about whether you would like to take up a particular offer from a retailer.