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Market and Regulatory Framework

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Market and Regulatory Framework Position Paper

The Market and Regulatory Framework Position Paper and supporting technical report from Concept Consulting outlines the policy positions relating to the market and regulatory frameworks that will operate from 1 January 2014 when the transition to full retail competition will commence. It also outlines the process to manage the transition, including regulatory and market arrangements and the introduction of private sector retailers into Tasmania via the sale of Aurora’s retail customer base. It does not detail the structural changes being made to the Government’s portfolio or electricity businesses that also form part of the Government’s reforms.

In parallel with the release of this Position Paper, exposure drafts of the proposed legislative amendments to implement the positions proposed was also released, and can be found under the Legislation section.

Market and Regulator Framework Position Paper

Regulation of Hydro Tasmania’s wholesale contract prices – Technical Report – Concept Consulting

Regulation of Hydro Tasmania’s wholesale contracts Fact Sheet

Response to Consultation

Comments were accepted on the Position Paper until 22 March 2013 and several late submissions were also received and considered.

A total of 20 formal submissions and one confidential submission were received. An additional 143 emails were received providing brief comments in regard to feed-in tariffs, employee discounts and the sale process for Aurora’s customer base.

A response to consultation document has been developed and is provided below.

Market and Regulatory Framework Position Paper Response to Consultation – April 2013

Submissions received are listed below:

Submissions received subsequent to the Government’s response to consultation document: