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What is ‘full retail competition’?

What is the Government trying to achieve? How will full retail competition benefit customers?

What will happen to Aurora?

Will any of Tasmania’s physical generation or network be sold?

What will happen on 1 January 2014?

What if I don’t want to be transferred to a new retailer? Don’t you need my consent?

What choices will I have from 1 January 2014? When will I be able to shop around for a deal with another retailer?

How should I prepare for these changes? Do I have to do anything?

What happens if I do nothing? Will my power be cut off?

Will I still receive my electricity concession? Do I have to re-apply to my new retailer for my concession?

I’m a life support customer – will anything change for me?

How do I choose an electricity retailer? What will be the difference between the retailers?

What contract options will be available to me?

Standard Retail Contract

Market Retail Contract

How long will a contract apply for?

What should I consider when I am deciding between contract offers?

Can I ever be in the situation where no retailer will agree to offer me supply?

Will retailers be able to charge what they like? Who will ensure any price increases are fair?

If I enter into a new contract with a retailer, can I change back afterwards to my old arrangement?

Will I have to install a new electricity meter?

Who will read my meter?

What will happen to Aurora Pay As You Go?

Are there minimum standards that retailers have to comply with? How do I know my rights as a customer?

What if I have a problem with my electricity retailer? If I think I’ve been treated unfairly, or have some other complaint, or I can’t pay my bill, who do I contact?

What if I have an outstanding electricity bill with Aurora at January 1 2014?

What if I’m on payment plan with Aurora? What happens to this?

What if I have existing feed-in tariff arrangements?

What happens if my retailer is unable to continue to supply electricity, for example if they go out of business?

Where can I go or who can I speak to for more information?