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The reforms require a number of amendments to old legislation, and the development of new legislation to implement all policy changes and the major structural changes to the three State-owned electricity entities.

Electricity Reform Act 2012

The Electricity Reform Act 2012 provides for an Act that facilitates the implementation of the Government’s electricity reform package for the Tasmanian electricity supply industry. The Act:

  • defines the objectives of the reforms;
  • determines measures that may be taken to implement the reforms; and
  • establishes the necessary functions and powers to ensure the reforms are implemented in a timely manner.

Electricity Reform Bill 2012 Fact Sheet (May 2012)

Electricity Reform Implementation Bill 2013 and Regulations

Amendments are required to the range of electricity-related legislation in Tasmania to implement the reform package. The legislation will implement the key and supporting features of the reform package, such as:

  • ensuring the Regulator’s functions and objectives are appropriate for the new market structure;
  • establish regulation of Hydro Tasmania’s wholesale market activities;
  • refine retail price regulation arrangements for a competitive market;
  • reflect the divestment of Aurora Energy and the merging of Aurora and Transend;
  • update NECF provisions; and
  • update the legislative framework to reflect a fully competitive market.

Legislation to be amended includes:

  • Electricity Reform Act 2012;
  • National Energy Retail Law (Tasmania) Act 2012; and
  • Electricity Supply Industry Act 1995.

Necessary amendments to the National Energy Retail Law (Tasmania) Act and the Electricity Supply Industry Act will be made concurrently through the introduction of the Electricity Reform Implementation Bill 2013.

Regulations will also be required to be made or amended under these Acts. This includes:

  • The National Energy Retail Law (Tasmania) Regulations 2012 will be amended to make new provisions for the nomination of the Local Area Retailer and to remove certain regulations relating to non-contestable customers, which will no longer be required; and
  • The Electricity Supply Industry (Price Control and Related Matters) Regulations 2012 will be remade, to provide for the processes around retail price regulation under FRC and the regulation of Hydro Tasmania’s contract offers in Tasmania. The Recent amendments to the Price Control Regulations to roll forward the current retail price determination until the end of 2013 will be preserved.

A Guide to Legislation Fact Sheet is provided to assist in understanding the amendments to the Legislation and Regulations.

Copies of the amendment bill, amended regulations and the marked-up Electricity Supply Industry Act are provided below:

Comments are welcome on the Exposure Draft Legislation. Please direct comments via email to