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The Government is reforming the State’s electricity industry to provide choice of electricity retailer to all customers, to put downward pressure on prices in the short, medium and long term, maximise Tasmania’s clean energy advantage, and improve the efficiency of the industry. It is committed to managing the electricity industry to ensure that prices are affordable and supplies are reliable, while maintaining core electricity infrastructure in public ownership.

The reform package will deliver better outcomes through:

  • greater consumer choice;
  • improved energy security;
  • stronger reliability of the electricity supply network in Tasmania;
  • reduced risk to taxpayers;
  • sustainable State-owned businesses;
  • potential for reduced future electricity prices;
  • more efficient and focussed State-owned businesses; and
  • the creation and maintenance of value from the renewable energy assets owned by the Tasmanian community.

Steps to full retail competition

Date Milestone
1 July 2012 Reduce the price increase for customers for 2012 – 13
8 March 2013 Release of Market and Regulatory Framework Position Paper and Exposure Legislation
22 March 2013 Comments on Position Paper and Exposure Legislation close
April 2013 Electricity Reform Implementation Bill introduced to Parliament
Early May 2013 Electricity Reform Implementation Bill enacted and regulations made
Early May 2013 Government provides retail pricing submission to Tasmanian Economic Regulator
Early June 2013 Call for Expressions of Interest for retail divestment
Late June 2013 Expressions of Interest close
Early July 2013 Data room opens
End July 2013 Tasmanian Economic Regulator publishes retail price determination for prices from 1 January 2014
End July 2013 Hydro Tasmania’s wholesale contract regulatory instruments published
End September 2013 Sale contracts executed
October – December 2013 Customers informed about new retail environment
October – December 2013 Transitional Services preparation with purchasing retailers
January 2014 Commence full retail competition for customers
January 2014 Private sector retailers commence operating under transitional arrangements
Early-Mid 2014 Limited customer transfers available between competing electricity retailers
July 2014 Aurora distribution and Transend commence operating as a fully integrated network business