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Bees - Bees, Apiary Products and Used Apiary Equipment

Queen bees and escort bees may be imported provided that:
        • they are in new queen cages in which ventilation holes meet the following requirements:
            • holes, including holes in mesh, are no larger than 2 mm x 2 mm;

            • any slot longer than 2 mm is no wider than 1 mm; and
        • the queen cage is inspected by the beekeeper prior to loading the queen and escort bees and found to be free of Small Hive Beetle (Aethina tumida); and
        • the queen and escort bees are hand caught; and
        • the bees are inspected by the beekeeper at the time they are placed in the queen cages and found to be free of any evidence of Small Hive Beetle; and
        • once filled the queen cage is stored away from bee hives; and
        • the queen bee breeder has an active management program to control Small Hive Beetle; and
        • on arrival in Tasmania the queen cage is to be inspected by the beekeeper for Small Hive Beetle prior to placement in the hive. If there is any evidence of Small Hive Beetle the consignment is to be sealed in a plastic bag and an Inspector notified.

    • Substances produced or collected by bees, other than bees wax, may be imported without restriction.
    • Honey shall be from apiaries free of American Foul Brood (AFB) and colonies (hives) not showing clinical signs of diseases of bees.
    • Beeswax must have been melted and cooled.

Used apiary equipment and package bees may not be imported.

A completed Health Certificate for the Importation of Bees is required.

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