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  Hobart Computer Users Group

Next meeting

Annual General Meeting; Binary and Logic.


When: 8.00pm 13 August 2013
Where: G A Wood Hall, 29 Bathurst Street, Hobart
Guest Speaker: Ian Duffy
Binary and Logic

TRUE, FALSE, AND, OR, NOT, ONE and ZERO are the only tools available to digital computers. We will explore these fundamentals to gain an insight into the world of data processing.

August meeting is also Annual General Meeting.



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Newsletter/magazine/website of the decade



Free Access


Though no longer available as a printed magazine, Free Access provided a wealth of articles on its website.


This website is no longer registered. An archived copy is available at


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Run applications from USB key


Portable applications leave no data behind on the host computer's hard drive. Check your email from anywhere, scan for viruses, browse the internet, and have a full office suite at your disposal.


  • Firefox

  • Thunderbird

  • GAIM

  • Sudoku

  • GIMP

  • ClamWin

  • Audacity

  • 7-Zip

  • VLC Media Player

  • Portable Apps Menu

  • Portable Apps Backup

  • And more ...


Contact information


Contact the President, Secretary, or Treasurer for more information.



President: 040 22 77 545    

Treasurer: (03) 6228 4891


Postal address

Hon. Secretary 

Hobart Computer Users Group Inc.

PO Box 3179,

West Hobart, Tas 7000 Australia


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Internet Explorer 10

You'll need to validate XP or Vista or Windows 7 to install. Not available for early versions of Windows. Try Firefox instead.

Firefox web browser:

Latest version is 22.0.2.

Thunderbird email client:

Latest version is 17.0.2.

Apache OpenOffice 3.4 office suite:

Check out the extensions, too.

Windows users get Picasa 3.9 here

Foxit PDF Reader - fast and small:

Version 5.4 with easy installer



Check out In Pictures free tutorials. No complicated text instructions, just pictures that show you exactly what to do.


Microsoft Office tutorials on Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Word and Publisher; tutorials on Base, Calc, Impress and Writer: learn Dreamweaver and HTML with CSS; Photoshop Elements and Fireworks; MySQL Basics; PHP Basics; and Perl Basics - and all of them free.


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The best computer and technology jokes, Dilbert, Garfield, Peanuts, and Glasbergen's hilarious daily cartoon are all here for your enjoyment.


What's your favourite technology joke? Send it to the webmaster and, subject to any copyright restrictions, we will add it to our pages. ...  



Who we are


We are a senior- and beginner- friendly group of computer users, not geeks or gurus, who would like to help you get more out of your IBM-compatible personal computer. We offer meetings, newsletters, this website and more. Please check us out ... 





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