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People with disabilities


General resources:

State Government Agency Disability Action Plans
The Tasmanian Disability Framework for Action (DFA) requires each government agency to prepare a Disability Action Plan which sets out how the needs of people with disability will be considered in the design and delivery of agency policies, programs, services and facilities. Links to available action plans are provided via this site
State Government Guardianship and Administration Board
The Guardianship and Administration Board is an independent statutory Board with the power to make decisions affecting the lives and property of people with decision making disabilities
State Government Mental Health Diversion List Program
Details of the Magistrates Court pilot program that provides an opportunity for eligible individuals to voluntarily address their mental health and/or disability needs associated with offending behaviour. Includes a procedures manual
State Government Office of the Public Guardian
Information on the functions of the Public Guardian's Office, which promotes, speaks for and protects the rights and interests of people with disabilities. Includes information on enduring guardianship, and enduring powers of attorney
State Government Premier's Disability Advisory Council (PDAC)
Details of the Council, established to assist the Premier and the government with the implementation of the Disability Framework for Action plan

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