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State Government 1080 Poison
Links to the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment's 1080 site, including Code of Practice, licences and downloadable applications, usage, and research into alternatives for mammal control
State Government Agricultural, Silvicultural and Veterinary Chemicals Council
Details of the Council's constitution, functions, terms of reference and meetings
Commonwealth Government Australian Government Drought Assistance: Tasmania
Information on Australian Government assistance available to drought affected Tasmanian farmers. Includes map of prima facie declared areas
Commonwealth Government Climate change strategies and information (Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry)
Details of the National Agriculture and Climate Change Action Plan which is an agreement between Australian governments to develop a coordinated framework for climate change policy in agriculture. Includes information on projects funded under the Plan
State Government Climate change: resources (FarmPoint)
Provides climate change fact sheets, tools and useful links
State Government Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment (DPIPWE)
Website of the Tasmanian Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment, with information relating to its services in the areas of agriculture, fisheries, quarantine, and land and natural resources
State Government Drought (Farmpoint)
General drought information for Tasmanian producers
Commonwealth Government Drought assistance (Australian Government)
Links to Australian Government information on assistance available to drought-affected businesses and communities
State Government Foxes in Tasmania
Information on the threat posed by the introduction of foxes into Tasmania, evidence of their presence, and efforts to eradicate them
State Government Groundwater Information Access Portal
A map-based database developed by the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment (DPIPWE), providing information on domestic, commercial and industrial groundwater bores throughout Tasmania
State Government Invasive species
Dept.of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment information on invasive species - an introduced animal or plant that poses a significant threat to Tasmania's biodiversity, agricultural industries or community.
State Government Irrigation
Access to information on appropriate irrigation practices (getting irrigation right, evaporation pans, tensiometers)
Commonwealth Government Land and Water Australia
Land and Water Australia is a statutory corporation responsible for research and development aimed at productive and sustainable management of land, water and vegetation resources
State Government Land Capability Classification
The Land Capability Classification Assessment System is used to assess, classify and map land on a scale of 1:100 000 according to ability to support a range of crops on sustainable basis
Commonwealth Government Lowland Native Grasslands of Tasmania ecological community
Australian Government information about the listing of the Lowland Native Grasslands of Tasmania ecological community and has links to publications including the EPBC Act Policy Statement 3.18. The site also provides information and contacts for farmers including a hotline and factsheets
State Government Managing Browsing Wildlife Toolkit
A toolkit has been released as part of the Tasmanian and Australian Governments project on the Alternatives to 1080 Program to assist landowners in managing the impacts of browsing animals. It comprises of three booklets, a Planning Guide, Wildlife Management Strategy Workbook and Information booklet. Links to all publications
State Government Pesticide monitoring in water catchments
Details of the program to monitor Tasmanian water catchments for a range of herbicides and other pesticides, with list of sampling sites, pesticides monitored, and results of latest monitoring. Includes results for the baseline monitoring program, and the flood monitoring program (Esperance, Little Swanport, George and Duck Rivers)
Commonwealth Government Plant Breeder's Rights
Web site of the Plant Breeder's Rights (PBR) Office, which administers legislation protecting commercial rights to registered plant varieties in Australia
State Government Plant diseases
Information on plant diseases and their identification in Tasmania
State Government Rural water
Information on maintaining the quality of water used for household purposes in rural areas, covering water from rainwater tanks, bores, dams, and rivers and streams. Includes advice on how to disinfect and filter water to ensure safety
State Government Salinity and land degradation
Links to a range of information on the problem of soil and water salinity in Tasmania
State Government Soil management
Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment soil management information
State Government Soil management guidelines and publications
Information available online regarding recommended best practice guides for a range of soil management issues
Local Government Southern Tasmania weed control contractors (March, 2011) (PDF file)
List of professional weed control operators skilled at controlling environmental, pasture and woody weeds, prepared by the Southern Tasmania Councils Authority
State Government Status and management of the forester kangaroo in Tasmania
Report on the management of the relationship between forester kangaroos and agriculturalists
Commonwealth Government Water and the land
Bureau of Meteorology integrated suite of meteorological information for people involved in primary production, natural resource management, industry, trade and commerce
State Government Weeds
Comprehensive information on weeds in Tasmania, their identification and best methods of control
State Government Weeds index
Tasmanian Government index with information on weeds, including images for identification and control guides plus information sheets and management plans (where available)
Local Government West Coast Council: weed & fire management group
The West Coast Weed and Fire Management Group aims to control and eradicate environmental weeds from Tasmania's West Coast. The group are highly coordinated and run by West Coast Stakeholders, with community involvement and support. Includes weed and fire control links

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