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Reports and publications (Primary industry and energy)

State Government Import risk analysis: a framework of context, concepts, methods and administrative procedures (PDF file)
Prepared under the auspices of the Tasmanian Biosecurity Committee (TBC), the purpose of the framework is to provide guidance on practical ways of reliably and consistently estimating risks of pests arriving in Tasmania
State Government Legislative and administrative model for primary industries food safety in Tasmania: review
The Tasmanian Government is considering changes to the current legislative and administrative regulation of primary industry food safety. A discussion paper and related material have been released, and a comments period has closed
State Government Managing Browsing Wildlife Toolkit
A toolkit has been released as part of the Tasmanian and Australian Governments project on the Alternatives to 1080 Program to assist landowners in managing the impacts of browsing animals. It comprises of three booklets, a Planning Guide, Wildlife Management Strategy Workbook and Information booklet. Links to all publications
State Government Tasmanian Vegetable Industry Facilitator Report
Finalised in late 2012, the Facilitator’s Final Report offers insights into the state’s vegetable industry and makes a number of recommendations to achieve the goals identified in the Tasmanian Vegetable Industry Strategic Plan 2007-2012

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