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Low income and other benefits

State Government Aboriginal home buyers assistance scheme
Tasmanian Government provides the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre (TAC) with an annual grant for the purposes of providing duty assistance to Aboriginal first home buyers. Branch details where to send applications are provided
Commonwealth Government Crisis and other assistance
Links to Australian Government information on services and assistance available to individuals and communities in times of crisis
Commonwealth Government Crisis payments and allowances
Links to Australian Government information on payments and allowances available to support people in times of personal and community crisis and disaster
Commonwealth Government Rent Assistance
Rent Assistance provides additional income assistance for those who rent privately
State Government Tasmanian Government concessions
Guide to State Government concessions and discounts on the cost of government services, available to the broader community and to those on low or fixed incomes, those with a disability and their carers, seniors, veterans, widows, sole parents and students

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