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Hazardous materials

Local Government ChemSafe Homes Tasmania
Local Government Association of Tasmania information on the safe disposal of unwanted chemicals. Includes timetable for the latest free household chemical drop-off service
State Government Dangerous substances safety
Workplace Standards Tasmania information on airborne contaminants, asbestos, carcinogens, hazardous chemicals and lead processes
State Government Explosives Safety (Workplace Standards Tasmania)
Information relating to explosives safety such as import and export controls, safe handling of detonators, fireworks display, and the disposal of explosives and flares
Commonwealth Government Hazardous waste
Information on the control of the international movement of hazardous waste, under the Hazardous Waste (Regulation of Exports and Imports) Act 1989. Includes links to printable permit application forms
Commonwealth Government National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme (NICNAS)
NICNAS scientifically assesses industrial chemicals for their health and environmental effects and makes recommendations for safe use. Assessments of more than 1,000 chemicals are available free via a link to the Australian Inventory of Chemical Substances database
Local Government Port Latta Landfill
Information on the regional landfill at Port Latta, operated by Circular Head Council. It mainly receives hazardous wastes from the Circular Head and Waratah/Wynyard Councils. Includes the Entry to Port Latta Landfill application form
State Government Radiation protection (Department of Health and Human Services)
Information on the regulation of medical radiation use in Tasmania. Includes details of legislation, licensing, accreditation and registration; and, manuals and protocols
State Government State Emergency Service Tasmania: publications
Links to SES plans and reports that are available to the public, including Nuclear Powered Warships Documents, Lifelines Project Reports, Hazardous Materials Plan and Manual and the Tasmanian Emergency Management Project
State Government Workplace Standards Tasmania: Bushfires
Workplace Standards Tasmania's information on hazards and safety during bushfires and the bushfire recovery period

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