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Heritage registers

Commonwealth Government Australian Heritage Places Inventory (AHPI)
The Australian Heritage Places Inventory is a searchable online database containing summary information about places listed in state, territory and commonwealth heritage registers
Commonwealth Government Commonwealth Heritage
The Commonwealth Heritage List, comprises natural, indigenous and historic heritage places on Commonwealth lands and waters or under Australian Government control
Local Government Development (Launceston City Council)
Links to information on Launceston City Council requirements for planning, building and plumbing approvals. Includes links to building and plumbing permit forms, driveways and crossovers, Tasmanian Heritage Register and industrial land sites
State Government Heritage listed places
Heritage Tasmania information on the listing of places with historic heritage significance on one of five statutory lists or registers, common to all Australian states and territories. Includes details of the Tasmanian Heritage Register, and how to find historical information relating to a place
Commonwealth Government Heritage places in Tasmania
Australian Government site, with map, allowing searches for places in Tasmania that are on the World, National, and State Heritage lists
State Government Heritage Tasmania: forms
Links to Heritage Tasmania printable application forms: for conservation funding; for nomination to the Heritage Register; for Heritage Register search (application for certificate for affected place)
Commonwealth Government Nominating a heritage place
Step-by-step guide to nominating a place for inclusion in the National and Commonwealth Heritage Lists. Includes information on how places are inscribed on the Lists
Commonwealth Government Overseas places of historic significance to Australia
Overseas sites that have a special place in Australia's history are symbolically recognised on the List of Overseas Places of Historic Significance to Australia (LOPHSA)
Commonwealth Government Register of the National Estate (RNE)
The Register of the National Estate is a list of natural, indigenous and historic heritage places throughout Australia. It was frozen in February 2007. It will continue as a statutory register until 2012, when it will be maintained on a non-statutory basis, and be available as a public archive. A National Heritage List was established in 2004
State Government Tasmanian Heritage Register
The Tasmanian Heritage Register, maintained by the Heritage Council, consists of places of historic cultural heritage significance

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