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Reports and publications (Primary industry and energy)

State Government Aurora tariff approvals (Tasmanian Economic Regulator)
Latest and past approvals by the Tasmanian Economic Regulator of Aurora's proposals to adjust retail and network tariffs
Commonwealth Government Australia's state of the forests report
Links to the five-yearly reports on the state of Australia's forests, indicating positive and negative trends, and describing and evaluating progress towards forest sustainability at the national level
State Government Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment directory: services, publications, permits and forms
Search page for DPIPWE services, publications, permits and forms. Select required field before beginning search to display lists of resources
State Government Electricity Supply Industry Expert Panel: publications
List of publications of the Electricity Supply Industry Expert Panel, set up to investigate and provide guidance to the Tasmanian Parliament on the current position and future development of Tasmanian's electricity industry
State Government Energy price comparison reports (Tasmanian Economic Regulator)
Provides links to two series of annual Tasmanian Economic Regulator energy supply price comparison reports: the report on Aurora's Pay-As-You-Go (APAYG) price comparisons with standard tariff costs; and, a state-by-state comparision of the Australian standing offer energy prices report
State Government Food and Agriculture: facts and figures
Includes links to industry scorecards measuring growth and value added to produce and the latest edition of industry profiles, a comprehensive guide to Tasmania's animal, plant, fisheries and organics industries
State Government Forest Practices Authority: publications
Links to publications of the FPA, including its newsletter (Forest Practices News), annual reports, Forest Practices Code, State of the Forests reports, consultants' reports, and staff publications
State Government Forestry Tasmania: maps & reports
Links to maps and documents of Forestry Tasmania, including emergency meeting points, policies, guidelines and agreements, wood production plans, wood supply agreements, and more
State Government Forestry Tasmania: publications
Links to publications of Forestry Tasmania, including current and past annual reports, forest management reports and reviews, statistics, newsletters and journals
State Government Gas (Workplace Standards Tasmania)
WST information on gas industry standards, safety and licensing. Includes details of the responsibilities of the Director of Gas Safety, consumer information, gasfitters' information, legislation and publications
State Government Good Neighbour Charter for commercial forestry in Tasmania
Developed by Forestry Tasmania and the Forest Industry Association of Tasmania, and endorsed by forestry, farming and tourism organisations, and the Local Government Association, the Charter aims to promote cooperation and increased communication by the industry with stakeholders and neighbours
State Government Hydro Tasmania: environment
Details of Hydro Tasmania's environmental management, with links to its environmental policy, environmental reports, water management reviews, and other reports including the Cataract Gorge flow
State Government Import risk analysis: a framework of context, concepts, methods and administrative procedures (PDF file)
Prepared under the auspices of the Tasmanian Biosecurity Committee (TBC), the purpose of the framework is to provide guidance on practical ways of reliably and consistently estimating risks of pests arriving in Tasmania
State Government Industry ScoreCards
Links to Industry ScoreCards, which present facts and figures on the state of primary industries in Tasmania. ScoreCards are available for the food industry, the seafood industry, and the vegetable industry
State Government Inland Fisheries Service: publications
Listing of the publications of Tasmania's Inland Fisheries Service, including current and past corporate annual reports, current and past Carp Management Program annual reports, recreational fishing code, Angler News newsletter, fishery management plans, recovery plans, and project reports
State Government Legislative and administrative model for primary industries food safety in Tasmania: review
The Tasmanian Government is considering changes to the current legislative and administrative regulation of primary industry food safety. A discussion paper and related material have been released, and a comments period has closed
State Government Managing Browsing Wildlife Toolkit
A toolkit has been released as part of the Tasmanian and Australian Governments project on the Alternatives to 1080 Program to assist landowners in managing the impacts of browsing animals. It comprises of three booklets, a Planning Guide, Wildlife Management Strategy Workbook and Information booklet. Links to all publications
State Government Mineral Resources Tasmania: publications
Links to a range of MRT publications: annual reviews, newsletters, codes of practice, geological surveys, atlases, and reports
State Government Office of the Tasmanian Economic Regulator: electricity publications
Publications relating to the electricity functions of the Office of the Tasmanian Economic Regulator:
State Government Office of the Tasmanian Economic Regulator: gas publications
Publications relating to the gas functions of the Office of the Tasmanian Economic Regulator
State Government Quarterly report on the monitoring of the maintenance of the Permanent Native Forest Estate
Latest Forest Practices Authority quarterly report on the size of Tasmania's Permanent Native Forest Estate
State Government Recreational sea fishing guide
Latest guide to Tasmania's rules and regulations for recreational sea fishing
State Government Sharing our roads: keep left, slow down (PDF file)
Forestry Tasmania brochure on safety on roads in state forests
State Government Structure of licence fees for the electricity, gas and water and sewerage sectors (PDF file)
Office of the Tasmanian Economic Regulator position paper (29 March 2011) on how it proposes to determine fees from July 2001 to 30 June 2014
State Government Tasforests (Forestry Tasmania)
Online edition of Forestry Tasmania's scientific and technical journal about Tasmania's forests, which provides individual articles as PDF files
State Government Tasmanian Forests Agreement
Information about the Agreement including the background, statement of principles and signatories. Links to the Agreement and related documentation as well as details of counselling and other transition and support services
Commonwealth Government Tasmanian Forests Intergovernmental Agreement
Relevant reports, legislation and other information relating to the Agreement
State Government Tasmanian gas codes
Codes establishing minimum standards, terms and conditions for gas distribution, retail, and customer transfer and reconciliation in Tasmania
State Government Tasmanian salmon industry profile
Profile of Tasmania's salmon industry: farm value, key markets and exports, trade and investment opportunities, trends and development, challenges and research
State Government Tasmanian timber publications
Information on Tasmanian timbers, uses, suppliers, and sustainable forest management, with links to printable brochures and design and construction manuals
State Government Tasmanian Vegetable Industry Facilitator Report
Finalised in late 2012, the Facilitator’s Final Report offers insights into the state’s vegetable industry and makes a number of recommendations to achieve the goals identified in the Tasmanian Vegetable Industry Strategic Plan 2007-2012
State Government Transend Networks: publications
Lists links to Transend Network's corporate publications, including annual reports

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