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Public revenue and expenditure

State Government Budget (Tasmania)
Latest Tasmanian Budget information and publications, including fact sheets, the Treasurer's Budget speech, guide to the Budget, Budget papers and media. Also includes a link to past Budget papers
State Government Budget and financial information (Treasury and Finance)
Tasmanian Dept of Treasury and Finance information relating to the Budget and financial management, including the latest Budget papers, Budget community consultations, financial and statistical reports and papers, guidelines, instructions and legislation
State Government Mid-year financial reports
Department of Treasury and Finance mid-year financial reports which include accrual based financial statements and revised Budget outcomes for the current Budget year
State Government State Grants Commission
The Commission is an independent statutory body which makes recommendations to the Treasurer on the distribution of Australian Government financial assistance grants, and to local government on identified local roads funds
State Government State Revenue Office (SRO) forms index
Index of State Revenue Office forms, arranged by type of tax (land tax, payroll tax, motor vehicle duty, insurance duty, property transfer duties, and First Home Owner Grant (FHOG), with link to A-Z forms index
Commonwealth Government Treasury (Australian Government): consultations
List of Treasury matters for which public consultations are currently open, or have closed. Includes information on how to make a submission
State Government Treasury and Finance contracts disclosure
Public listing of State Government non-procurement related contracts with a value of more than 2 million dollars, in accordance with the Crown Contracts Confidentiality Policy, and the Treasurer's Instruction 1402. Includes the Tripartite Sovereign Risk Agreement between the Tasmanian Government, Forestry Tasmania, and Gunns Limited

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