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Water and Sewerage Charges

Where do my charges go?

Since the introduction of the Price and Service Plan in July 2012, all TasWater customers with a water connection have been charged a fixed water service charge, a variable water usage charge (for all water consumed) and a sewerage service charge if the property has been connected to our sewerage infrastructure.  The information below explains how these charges are determined and how they contribute to maintaining our infrastructure and quality drinking water.

Water Service Fixed and Usage Charges

This is your contribution for the quarter towards providing, maintaining and upgrading the water treatment plants, dams, reservoirs, pipelines and pump stations which bring water to your tap.  Water service charges comprise two parts - a fixed charge, which is based on the size of the water connection to your property (in this instance 20 mm); and a variable water usage charge based on the actual metered use of water at the property.  This charge is based entirely on the amount of water you use.  It pays for the treatment of your water to make it safe for drinking and the costs or pumping the water to your property.  Please note if your connection is greater than 20 mm please refer to the multiplier table to determine your charge.

Sewerage Service Charge

This covers your sewerage service for the quarter.  It pays for the costs of maintaining and operating the sewerage pipes and treatment plants which removes and treats all of the sewage and wastewater from your home.  Sewerage service charges are calculated on a single fixed charge based on the number of equivalent tenements (ET) the property is classified to have.  Note - a single residential property is classified as one ET.

Water and Sewerage Charges - Full Service

Water and Sewerage Charges - Limited Service