CSIRO Feature News Stories

Left to right: Dr David Jones (obscured), Dr Andrew Holmes and Dr Scott Watkins, with the text Discover Our Science overlaid

Scientists have produced the largest flexible, plastic solar cells in Australia.

A women sitting on a boat working on a laptop

Ever wonder about the people behind our science? Across the month of May we thought we’d introduce you to some CSIRO mums and their work.

Stealth robot moving through grass

Meet our next generation of robots designed to assist people performing tasks that are difficult, repetitive or hazardous.

Waves in the open sea, with the text Discover Our Science overlaid.

A new study considers potential impacts on coasts of climate change-driven wind-wave conditions.

Photo of Dr Megan Clark with CSIRO logo in the background.

The following opinion piece was provided to Fairfax by CSIRO Chief Executive Dr Megan Clark on Friday, 12 April 2013.