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Submission to Infrastructure Australia 2012

On 3 August 2012, the Tasmanian Government lodged its submission of new and updated project proposals with IA.

Project Updates:

1. Bell Bay Intermodal Expansion Project
This project aligns with the theme of "competitive international gateways", and is currently listed on IA's Project Priority Pipeline as a project of 'real potential'.

This project acknowledges Tasmania's reliance on port infrastructure and future growth in total freight tonnage, bulk trade and container volumes.  The project proposal has been updated, noting significant market changes have taken place since the project was first proposed.  The Proposal focuses on immediate improvements to the Burnie Port with assessment of the Bell Bay Port for the longer term.

2. Hobart - A World Class Livable Waterfront City
This project aligns with the theme of "transforming our cities", and is listed as a project at an "early stage" on IA's Project Priority Pipeline.

This proposal establishes a vision for the revitalisation of the Hobart Waterfront, including further developing Hobart's status as an international Antarctic and Southern Ocean gateway.  Given the Australian Government's recent allocation of $50 million for the most significant component of this initiative, the Tasmanian Government is not pursuing additional funding through the IA Pipeline process.  A brief report on progress made to date has been provided to IA.

3. An Innovative Strategy for Tasmania: Focus on Food Bowl
This project aligns with the theme of 'adaptable and secure water supplies', and is currently listed on IA's Project Priority Pipeline as a project at an 'early stage'.

This project involves investment in irrigation schemes to deliver water for innovative and productive farmland.  This project addresses the key future national challenge of food security. An updated submission has been provided and this presents Tranche Two for irrigation schemes, building on the success of Tranche One. The proposal seeks public contribution of $130 million to develop another five irrigation schemes.

4. Water and Sewerage Reforms
This project aligns with the theme of 'adaptable and secure water supplies', and is currently listed on IA's Project Priority Pipeline as a project of 'real potential'.

This proposal is driven by the need for Tasmania to accelerate its urban water and sewerage reform in order to meet contemporary environmental health requirements.
An update of the status of this project has been provided, outlining details of significant developments in the progress of water and sewerage reform in Tasmania since the 2011 update.

Nation Building 2 Submission: 2012

The Tasmanian Government also provided a submission to Infrastructure Australia as part of the Nation Building 2 Program. Nation Building 2 is the Australian Government's major transport funding program, focused on projects that deliver significant productivity, efficiency and connectivity improvements. The current Nation Building Program ends in 2013-14, with all States required to negotiate a new agreement with the Australian Government as part of a Nation Building 2 (2014-15 to 2018-19) bid.

Infrastructure Australia will assess all projects or packages of projects over $100 million.

Consistent with the overall objective of Nation Building 2 to lift Australia's productivity through nationally significant land transport infrastructure, the Tasmanian Government submitted a package of upgrade and forward planning projects on the key Burnie to Hobart freight corridor. By tonnage, traffic volumes, and strategic land use connections, this corridor is Tasmania?s most significant freight corridor, connecting major ports, the Brighton Transport Hub and key industrial and manufacturing centres in all three regions. It is Tasmania?s key corridor for the movement of containerised freight.

The total value of the package submitted by the Tasmanian Government is $546 million, and covers the following proposals:

  • Bass Highway (Latrobe to Deloraine) Planning: Identification of priority projects to improve efficiency and safety on the Highway between Latrobe and Deloraine. ($5million).

  • Tasmanian Rail Revitalisation Program:  concrete re-sleepering of the rail network between Burnie Port and the Brighton Transport Hub and relaying life-expired rail track on the Melba, Fingal and Derwent Valley Lines ($240 million).

  • Brooker Highway Upgrade Package: intersection upgrade and forward planning to address safety and efficiency on the two major bottlenecks on the Highway - Elwick-Goodwood to Howard Road ($32 million upgrade) and the Domain Highway Interchange ($5million planning).

  • Illawarra Main Road Upgrades/South Perth Bypass:  bypass of the constrained eastern section of the road to deliver a high speed, duel-carriageway link that avoids residential areas; targeted upgrades to Illawarra Main Road from the proposed bypass, west to the Bass HIghway ($142 million).

  • Midland Highway:  Mangalore to Bagdad Upgrades and future Bagdad Bypass:  interim upgrades to deliver improved safety and efficiency on a constrained section of the Midland Highway; final planning and land acquisition to support the future Bagdad Bypass ($35 million).

  • Midland Highway: Duplication, Perth to Breadalbane: duplication to meet future capacity requirements and address safety issues on the approaches to Launceston and connecting to the Bell Bay Port industrial area ($72) million.

  • New Bridgewater Bridge: final project developed and land acquisition to replace this critical link in the north-south supply chain and support future connectivity between key freight distribution centres in the southern region (15 million).