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Submission to Infrastructure Australia

DIER Website: Infrastructure Australia Submission 2011

The Tasmanian Government lodged its 2011 submission with IA on the 11th of November, 2011.
The submission includes project updates for the projects already listed on IAs Project Priority Pipeline:

  1.  Bell Bay Intermodal Expansion
    This project is currently listed on IAs Priority Pipeline as a project of 'real potential'. The update acknowledges a number of issues currently facing the Port of Bell Bay, but reinforces the importance of Bell Bay to meeting Tasmanias future freight demands.  Future work on this project will include a review of expected Port volumes, refinement of engineering estimates, and development of a business case.
  2. Water and Sewerage Reform
    This project is currently on IAs Priority Pipeline as a project of 'real potential'. This submission is unchanged, however a number of developments have been noted.
  3. An Innovative Strategy for Tasmania: Focus on Food Bowl Concept
    This project is currently on IAs Priority Pipeline as a project at an 'early stage'. This submission is unchanged, however a number of developments have been noted, including the merger of the three previous irrigation businesses into one single State Owned Company.
  4. Hobart a World Class Liveable Waterfront City
    This project is currently on IA?s Priority Pipeline as a project at an 'early stage'.  The update notes a number of important developments since the last update, including the upgrade of redevelopment of Princes Wharf No 1 Shed and the UTAS Institute of Marine and Antarctic Studies at Princes Wharf No 2 Shed.

Tasmania's IA submission also included four new project concept proposals. These concept proposals have been put forward to obtain advice from IA on the merits of these projects and an appropriate approach to further development. The four concept proposals are:

  1. Midland Highway
    The concept proposal establishes the key links provided by the Midland Highway. The proposal includes Highway upgrades, a new Bridgewater Bridge and a potential Bagdad Bypass.  The objectives of this proposed project are road user safety, improved freight efficiency, travel reliability and asset performance.
  2. Brooker Highway
    This concept proposal outlines the importance of the Brooker Highway as a link for goods and people. The objects of this project are increased capacity and efficiency, improved road safety, local connectivity and asset maintenance.
  3. Rail Revitalisation Program
    The concept proposal is based upon the historical underinvestment in Tasmanias rail network and building on recent capital upgrades. The Rail Revitalisation concept proposal is designed to overcome future investment shortfall, improving the condition of the network and increasing rail revenue.
  4. Passenger Transport in Hobart's Northern Suburbs
    This concept proposal describes passenger transport options in Hobart's northern suburbs, Tasmania's largest urban area, including the potential role of the northern suburbs rail corridor.