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Tasmanian Oil Price Vulnerability Study


January 2013

The Tasmanian Oil Price Vulnerability Study was completed by the Office of Energy Planning and Conservation and submitted to the Minister for Sustainable Transport in August, 2012.

January 2012

The Tasmanian Oil Price Vulnerability Study is nearing completion and will be provided to the Minister at the beginning of February 2012, following further consultation with Tasmanian Government Agencies.  Further information will be made available when the Study is provided to the Minister. Please contact the Manager, Major Initiatives, Fiona Abercrombie Howroyd on 03 6233 0827 with any questions.

July 2011

On Thursday 9th and Friday 10th June, 2011, the second round of workshops with stakeholders was held in Hobart and facilitated by John Hepper, Inspiring Place. Participants considered a draft paper of Actions/Options prepared for the Tasmanian Oil Price Vulnerability Study by Dr David Pointing, Consultant to the Study, and discussed mitigation measures to manage threats to the Tasmanian economy arising from oil price 'shocks' or prolonged steep increases in the price of oil.

Outcomes of the June 2011 Workshops and Dr David Pointing's paper, entitled Tasmanian Oil Price Vulnerability Study, Background Information, Summary Table of Mitigation Options are available at these links. Please note that any feedback on the Workshops received after the event will be included in the final Study.

The Study is focussing on mitigation strategies and will enable scenario planning.

Further details on the Project can be obtained by contacting or calling Fiona Abercrombie Howroyd on (03) 6233 0827.