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"A vision for Energy Infrastructure"



  • Successful energy market reforms.
  • Successful completion of large energy projects
  • National regulatory framework established and applied in Tasmania.
  • Renewable energy capacity under developed.
  • Energy efficiency and conservation measures need enhancement.
  • Public and business communities not focused enough on renewable energy potential.

Key Reforms

  • Encourage investment in alternative energy sources.
  • Combined electricity and gas planning.
  • Develop and deliver cost effective energy efficiency and conservation programs 
  • Utilise smart grid technology
  • Investigate development of a second electricity interconnector with mainland.
  • Investigate renewable energy zones.

Vision Characteristic

  • Diverse and predominantly renewable energy resources.
  • Energy efficiency and conservation measures in place.
  • Competitive market structures and policies provide secure, diverse and competitively priced energy.
  • Tasmania's comparative advantage in energy provision leveraged in industry attraction and energy export.