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May 2013 Update - Gas Codes Issues Paper for Targeted Stakeholders

The Office of Energy Planning and Conservation (OEPC) prepared an Issues Paper to provide a comparison between the customer protection features of the Tasmanian regulatory arrangements and the National Energy Retail Law (NERL). The Issues Paper was open for consultation in March and April 2013.

The scope of the review is limited to a consideration of the existing level of customer protection in place under the Gas Retail Code and the Gas Distribution Code compared with the level of customer protection for gas customers found in the NERL. Appropriate solutions to address any significant gaps in customer protection for Tasmanian natural gas customers will also be considered.

The OEPC received a number of submissions and comments from interested parties on matters within the scope of the issues paper.  
To promote discussion, the submissions can be found here.

For a copy of the issues paper, please follow this link.

Enquiries concerning this paper should be directed to: The Office of Energy Planning and Conservation on (03) 6233 2009. OEPC is currently reviewing submissions prior to developing a Recommendations Paper.

April 2013 Update - Renewable Energy Fund - King and Flinders Islands

The application period for this fund has now closed. The Assessment Panel will meet in early May to consider proposals and will then make recommendations to the Minister for Energy. An announcement will be made following that process.

Please contact the Manager, Major Initiatives, Fiona Abercrombie Howroyd, Office of Energy, Planning Conservation, on (03) 6233 0827 or email with any queries.

January 2013 Update - Energy in Tasmania Performance Report 2011-12

The Energy in Tasmania Performance Report 2011-12 was released by the Office of the Tasmanian Economic Regulator in January 2013. The report covers all Tasmanian energy supply sources including electricity, natural gas, petroleum, coal and wood. The report was compiled with the assistance of the Office of Energy Planning and Conservation.

January 2013 Update - Tasmanian Oil Price Vulnerability Study

The Tasmanian Oil Price Vulnerability Study was completed by the Office of Energy Planning and Conservation and submitted to the Minister for Sustainable Transport in August, 2012.

July 2012 Update - What is the National Energy Customer Framework?

The National Energy Customer Framework (NECF) commenced on 1 July 2012, bringing in a new set of national laws, rules, and regulations governing the retail sale and distribution of energy to consumers.  The NECF is designed to provide a single, simplified, national regulatory regime intended to deliver efficiencies in terms of regulatory certainty, reduced compliance costs, and competitive benefits to consumers.

More information on the National Energy Customer Framework