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Way Forward

"Tasmania - the leader in Australia's renewable energy future"





0-3 years


3-5 years


5-10 years


Market based framework for energy planning in place


Bass Strait Islands vision underway

Feed-in tariffs for domestic scale renewable generation


Enhanced planning and coordination across electricity, gas, water and communication


Higher efficiency in end use

Part of national reform affecting
 - Transmission
 - Embedded energy (ongoing)
 - Energy efficiency (ongoing)


A market that can match opportunity value to time of use pricing


Streamlined approvals process for renewable energy  projects


Continued diverse and renewable energy resources

Tasmanian Renewable energy Industry Development Board established  

Policy for shared access to trenches

  Investigate a second connector across Bass Strait - continued significant exports of clean electricity  

Investigate pumped hydro storage to take advantage of increased renewable energy generation

Concept paper submitted to Infrastructure Australia for comment on a proposal for Scale Efficient Network Expansions for Tasmanian Renewable Energy


New projects established in response to Renewable Energy Targets scheme


Progress scale efficient network extensions


Possible wave and tidal power scheme development

Tasmanian Renewable Energy Industry Development Board established


Network augmentations to facilitate new renewables


Smart grid pilot


Possible geothermal energy options

Basslink transmission inter connector


Advanced meters


Growing uptake of alternatives to petroleum as a transport fuel



Continued wind energy developments

Tasmania's Natural Gas Project in place


Waddamana - Lindisfarne line completed


Electricity substation redevelopments


Aurora Energy Tamar Valley (AETV) on stream


Consideration of special geothermal exploration licences


LNG facility and refuelling stations


Hydro Tasmania 1,000 GWh extra

Energy efficiency initiatives in place


Benefits for all Tasmanians

  • Guarantee of supply of energy
  • Choice of energy source
  • Cleaner environment


Strategy & Planning 


(null) = completed