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  • Network augmentation to facilitate new renewables
  • Encourage development of renewal energy projects
  • Investigate second electricity inter connector to mainland


1-3 Year Timeframe 

  • Aurora is undertaking a $60 million Hobart Eastern Shore upgrade. Work is well underway in the Cambridge area south-east of Hobart where a new zone substation and associated cabling work was commissioned in April 2009. Work also planned for Hobart's Eastern Shore includes a new zone substation at Howrah, the beginning of work on a zone substation near Rosny and planning for works at Lauderdale
  • Ongoing investment and improvement to system capacity, reliability and security continues for the Hobart CBD, the Royal Hobart Hospital, North Hobart, the wharf area and Salamanca area and will continue until July 2012
  • The Kingborough Municipality, in particular the Kingston/Blackmans Bay/Margate areas, has been recognised as one of the fastest growing residential areas in Tasmania.  Aurora plans to invest nearly $62 million in the Kingston/Channel area over the next three years with the installation of major distribution infrastructure including the establishment of a new zone substation and associated sub-transmission feeders near Browns Road
  • Aurora is also planning to invest $35 million in the Greater Launceston area. Distribution feeders have been built from Transend's Hadspen and Mowbray terminal substations. The significant load growth for the greater Launceston area, including south towards Breadalbane, is forecast to continue, requiring the second and third stages of the Mowbray terminal substation to be implemented before 2012.


1-3 Year Timeframe

3-5 Year Timeframe

Committed Transend projects include:

  • Transend Waddamana - Lindisfarne 220kV transmission line will be completed after an investment of over $100m
  • Burnie Substation network transformer replacement expected to be commissioned in 2010 at estimated cost of $6.9M
  • Emu Bay Substation 110 kV redevelopment expected to be commissioned in 2011 at an estimated cost of $6.8M

Proposed Transend projects include:

  • Knights Road-Electrona 110 kV transmission line replacement expect to be commissioned at an estimated cost of $11M
  • Tungatinah Substation 22 kV redevelopment expected to be commissioned in 2011 at an estimated cost of $6.9M

Proposed Transend Projects include:

  • Railton Substation 110 kV redevelopment expected to be commissioned in 2013 at an estimated cost of $5.7M
  • Burnie Substation 110 kV redevelopment expected to be commissioned in 2014 at an estimated cost of $5.1M
  • Creek Road Substation 110 kV redevelopment expected to be commissioned in 2014 at an estimated cost of $21.3M
  • Palmerston Substation 110 kV redevelopment expected to be commissioned in 2014 at an estimated cot of $8.7M

Hydro / Roaring 40s

1-3 Year Timeframe

  • The Hydro Tasmania 1,000 GWh started in September 2007. The aim is to identify and deliver 1,000 GWh of additional energy production from the existing hydro system. Work on the program has to date identified 425 GWh of potential projects costing in the order of $180M to be delivered in the next 5-10 years. These include a program of mini-hydros, power station upgrades, a program of dam raisings and a number of small diversions and regulation storages. To date over 100 GWh of projects under this program are being constructed or are due to be implemented in the next 12 months
  • Subject to economic viability, the Musselroe Wind Farm project will be developed. The farm will comprise  56 3-megawatt turbines,  giving a total generating capacity of 168 MW.  The project also includes the construction of a transmission line to connect the wind farm site to Tasmanian electricity grid at Derby.
  • Traditionally, power supply on the Bass Strait Islands has relied on expensive diesel generation. Hydro Tasmania has developed a plan to reduce diesel dependence by 50% and greenhouse gas emissions by 70%. The program includes a wind, resistor and control system project for Flinders Island, more wind capacity and integrated technology on King Island and bio-fuel substitution for both systems. $16M has been approved under the Commonwealth?s Renewable Energy Demonstration Programme (REDP) for these initiatives.


1-3 Year Timeframe

3-5 Year Timeframe

5-10 Year Timeframe

  • An investigation is being undertaken for a wind farm at Robbins Island and Jims Plain, located on the north-west coast of Tasmania. The capacity of the proposed wind farm is up to 360 MW, which will be commissioned in different stages from 2014
  • Transend has received connection enquiries from different proponents to develop up to 375 MW capacity of wind farms at various locations throughout Tasmania
  • Development of Tasmania's geothermal resources. e.g. KUTh Energy has an inferred 260,000 PJ of geothermal energy. Just 1% of the inferred geothermal resource would be sufficient to generate a constant flow of 280 MW of electricity over a 30 year period
  • Other companies involved in exploration of geothermal resources include Geopower Proprietary Limited, which has application to explore an area covering 4 892 sq km and Geothermal Energy Tasmania Proprietary Limited which has three licenses covering 8 495 sq km
  • Development of up to 1300MW wind generation
  • A number of proponents have shown a keen interest in accessing Tasmania's excellent wave and tidal resources for the development of wave and tidal power schemes in the State.  Potential areas for development include the West Coast, the Tamar River and areas within Bass Strait