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Corporate Services

Provides corporate policy, professional services and advice in relation to financial, physical and human resources, as well as business planning. In supporting the Department, Corporate Services strives for excellence in customer focus, continuous improvement, clear communications and collaboration and teamwork.

Human Resources

  • Implements, oversees and monitors an integrated people management framework that has been developed, in consultation with our clients, which meets immediate, current and emerging needs of business units and the strategic corporate direction of the Agency.

Information Management Branch

  • Provides innovative leadership for information resource management solutions. It is also responsible for managing the Department's information as a resource and strategic asset, through the delivery of IM/IT services to departmental clients, other government agencies and external clients, as required.

Financial Services

  • Provides a high level, efficient and effective service that undertakes and integrates financial policy development, financial planning, budgetary management, financial advisory services, management accounting an accounting processes.

Resource Management

  • Provides a high level, efficient and effective service that enables financial planning, budgetary and facilities management, provides budget and facilities advisory services and manages financial system development and administration. 

Corporate Affairs

  • Provides a pivotal role as a leader in strategic communication in the Agency and also the central point for the offices of our four Ministers.  The Branch aims to provide a positive image of the Agency, both internally and externally.  It manages the Department's internet and intranet sites and deals with over 3500 ministerial-related documents and other information each year.