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Tasmanian Rail Network - Objectives and Priorities for Action

An informative document outlining the current arrangements for rail in Tasmania.

The Tasmanian Government's purchase of Pacific National's Tasmanian rail assets and the establishment of Tasmanian Railway Corporation Pty Ltd (TasRail) on 1 December 2009, uniting the whole operating rail network within Tasmania for the first time under Tasmanian Government ownership, provides a timely opportunity to issue an informative source document for the Tasmanian Rail Network.

The Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources (DIER) has developed Tasmanian Rail Network - Objectives and Priorities for Action  which for the first time draws together a range of information, including:

  • the regulatory, operating and governance framework for the Tasmanian Rail Network and TasRail;
  • clearly identifies the current committed investment in rail infrastructure and locomotives; and
  • identifies the Tasmanian Government's objectives for the rail freight network and priorities for action over the next five years.

Tasmanian Rail Network - Objectives and Priorities for Action is an interim paper and is intended to be updated as TasRail establishes its business model and evaluates its commercial market share, infrastructure priorities and funding requirements.  It has been aligned to the current funding commitments under the State Budget 2010-11 and forward estimates; and Nation Building Program 2008-00 - 2013-14.

Tasmanian Rail Network - Objectives and Priorities for Action has been developed in consultation with the Rail Safety Branch (DIER), TasRail and the Department of Treasury and Finance.