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Review of Taxi Licence Release Arrangements (and associated issues)

Review of Taxi Licence Release Arrangements (and Associated Issues) - Final Terms of Reference

Following consultation on the draft terms of reference (ToR) for the review of Taxi Licence Release Arrangements (The Review), the ToR has now been finalised. This final ToR will form the basis of the engagement of a consultant to undertake the review.

It is pleasing to note that the consultation phase identified only a small number of issues with the draft ToR.  To a large extent the changes that have been made centre on the need to clarify or emphasise particular aspects, and by doing so, reduce the potential for misinterpretation or confusion.

On the basis of this feedback, the major changes made to the draft ToR relate to:

  • A broader definition of the consultation required in Paragraph 1;
  • Inserting a direction that the Consultant will specifically examine the Hobart taxi area for evidence of market failure arising from the increase in taxi licence numbers in recent years;
  • Making less definite the linkage between increased operator revenues and driver earnings as a policy aim of the OOTL regime, in the section headed 1. Owner Operator Taxi Licences;
  • Deleting dot point 3 in the section headed 1. Owner Operator Taxi Licences given that this was, in effect, a restatement of dot point 2;
  • Minor typographical corrections in the section headed 2. Wheelchair Accessible Taxi Licences;
  • Deleting the text ?(i.e. the release of new licences ? other than WATs ? in metropolitan areas).? In paragraph 6 of page 2, in response to the potential for this to be misconstrued as meaning that the consultant was being directed to totally exclude the impact of WAT licences, as a subset of all licences, on driver income; and
  • Amendments to the Additional Issues to be Examined section to include more detailed reference to the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act and reference to any potential negative consequences (e.g. congestion) resulting from increased taxi numbers.

Final Terms of Reference

The Department will now commence the process of engaging a consultant to undertake this Review. This selection process is expected to be completed by early November and the Review itself, which will include a public consultation phase, will commence shortly thereafter.

Industry and interested parties will be notified once the consultant has been selected and are encouraged to make use of opportunities to share their views with the consultant as the Review progresses.