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Mineral Resources

Responsible for the provision of information and tenement regulation to foster responsible mineral resource development and land management for the benefit of the Tasmanian community.

Metallic Minerals and Geochemistry

Provides advice and direct support to Government, industry and the general public on all geo-scientific matters; devises and implements projects and strategies to assist the development and promotion of mineral exploration and other industries in Tasmania; regulates and monitors the progress of mineral exploration in Tasmania and provides a repository and archival service for valuable geo-scientific data, drill core and rock and mineral specimens. 

Industrial Minerals, Environment and Land Management

Promotes and registers petroleum exploration in Tasmania and off-shore waters administered by the State; engineering geology and ground water activities; administers the Mineral Resources Development Act 1995 and Regulations, including the issue of legal titles to mining tenements, collation and recording of statistics relating to mining production and the demand and monitoring of the collection of fees and rentals; sets and monitors standards for the performance of exploration programs by private companies; and environmental control of exploration and management of mining heritage and land access issues 

GIS and Geophysics

Implements Project TIGER (Tasmanian Information on Geo-scientific and Exploration Resources); provides geophysical services and advice to MRT and its clients and; provides computer support to MRT 

Data Management

Produces digital geological maps; records mining tenements on the Division's maps and plans
and manages the Division's Geographical Information System and Computer-Aided Drafting system and support drafting services 

Royalty, Finance and Administration

Manages regimes for royalties and fees; provides a publications support service and an adequately resourced library service; and provides general administration of the Division