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"A vision for Water Infrastructure"



  • Institutional Reform
     - established water and sewerage corporations, economic regulator, ombudsman.
     - established irrigation boards.
  • Long term vision for irrigation.
  • Asset management plans for water and sewerage under developed.
  • Urban infrastructure run down in parts.
  • Maintenance of urban infrastructure underfunded in parts.
  • Poor compliance with environmental and health obligations for urban water and sewerage services.

Key Reforms 

  • Annual rigorous reporting on state of sector urban water and sewerage.
  • Independently regulated price and service plans for urban water and sewerage sector.
  • State water plan - integrating urban and rural.
  • Separate regulatory, delivery and policy functions for urban water and sewerage sector.
  • Impacts of climate change incorporated into modelling of long term water availability.

Vision Characteristic

  • Infrastructure optimised for sustainable delivery of water sustainability.
  • Water delivered to its most productive use.
  • Water management based on real time information.
  • Urban water funded on sustainable basis.
  • Infrastructure upgraded.
  • Water delivered on a commercial basis.
  • Urban and rural water systems integrated.