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Look out for Trains

Near Misses

Once again a motorist failed to stop at a level crossing.  This time it was at the Sheffield Road, Railton level crossing.  The train driver has reported to the details of the white Ford Ranger dual cab to the Tasmania Police.

Date: 8/4/13

Time: 2.35


Another report of train riding, this time near Hobart.  Tasmania Police contacted TasRail to advise they had received reports of three youths riding on a rear flat wagon (empty). The train driver came to a controlled stop and police attended.  Riding a train is not clever or funny - it is incredibly dangerous, and can result in serious injury including death.

Date: 6/4/13

Time: 6.02


A vehicle, believed to be a red Hyundai hatchback, narrowly missed hitting a train at Coles Beach Road, Devonport.  The train driver estimated that the vehicle passed through the crossing only 10 metres from the oncoming train.  Registration details have been passed to the Police.  THINK ABOUT THE RISK. LOSE A MINUTE NOT YOUR LIFE!

Date: 6/4/13

Time: 10.28


Two motorbikes drove through an activated level crossing at Reiby Street, Ulverstone (DPW149.1).  Fortunately on this occasion there was still a reasonable distance between the bikes and the train, but it is yet another example of road users not respecting that a flashing red STOP sign (and lights and bells) at a level crossing is no different to a red STOP traffic light - or do this many people deliberately drive through traffic signals?

Date: 5/4/13

Time: 8.33


Check out the great rail safety ad from Metro:



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