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Three multi-stakeholder regional reference groups will be established to support this work and provide advice on regional issues.  Other ways we will be working to implement the elements spelt out in goal four - regional coumminities is through:

Collaboration between Australian, State and Local Governments in streamlining red-tape through the Business Tasmania initiative, discussed under Goal One: To support and grow businesses in Tasmania.

A new initiatives within the Liveability strategy include:

    • A new Liveable Places program that will, in partnership with local councils,  undertake a number of early initiatives to improve the liveability of our towns or regions.  Stakeholders will be further consulted on the design of the program.
    • Tasmania Now, which will be launched in 2011-12, and will provide a mean to ensure people elsewhere have a contemporary perception of Tasmania and will promote the state as an attractive place to live, work and invest.  The Tasmania Now website will be redeveloped as an important resource for use by the government, local councils, employment agencies, industry associations and other groups that are actively involved in promoting the state.

  • Digital Futures Strategy

The Digital Futures Strategy objective for community engagement in the digital economy includes initiatives and projects funded from the Digital Futures Capital Fund and informed by advice from the Digital Futures Advisory Council. 

The Digital Futures Capital Fund will be used to seed projects and leverage research centred on the creation of applications and services for local virtual communities to participate from NBN-connected homes and businesses.  Initial projects will target local regional business communities that are in the NBN Stage 2 roll out. 

Initiatives will also look to leverage work being undertaken by research institutions, such as the Institute for a Broadband Enabled Society (IBES), demonstrating in-home on line applications, services and technologies for improving liveability, health, education, energy management, business and working from home.  


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