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Our vision

Our vision

Tasmania has the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of its assets, positioning our outputs in the global economy to compete on quality and sustainability. We can do more to reduce intergenerational poverty and create opportunities for Tasmanians to develop their skills and share in economic growth. Unless everyone benefits from economic growth, we cannot reach our full potential. Tasmania needs both a healthy economy and better distribution of its benefits.

We can have a strong future, especially now that the world increasingly values the sustainable, the natural, the equitable and the unique in both products and services. Our Tasmanian brand is one of our most important competitive advantages. We can attract and retain a workforce of skilled, innovative people to one of the world's most liveable places.

Our businesses can pursue high-value and specialty market niches, producing and selling quality, sustainable goods and services at premium prices based on Tasmania's widely recognised brand attributes. The rollout of the National Broadband Network (NBN) provides the opportunity for Tasmania to help overcome its distance from markets, as well as enhancing our liveability, by connecting us to the rest of the world by super-fast broadband.

This vision includes Tasmania's traditional industries and commodity markets. These will continue to underpin our economy. We need to improve productivity and innovation in our traditional industries and, simultaneously, develop a diverse and robust economy focusing on high value-added market segments.

The Economic Development Plan builds on the Tasmania Together vision for the state, which at the beginning of the 21st Century gave Tasmanians a shared pathway to work together to achieve our long-term social, economic and environmental goals. The Tasmania Together vision that 'Tasmania is an island community, unique for its natural and cultural environment, where people enjoy a prosperous lifestyle based on quality, creativity, and opportunity'1 remains at the core of this plan.

Whole-of-economy policy issues of population, productivity and participation are all strongly connected to successful economic development and Tasmania's future depends on growth in these areas.

1 Tasmania Together Progress Report 2010


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