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Achieving our vision

Achieving our vision


To improve the prosperity of all Tasmanians through economic development which is socially and environmentally sustainable

Goal One - To support and grow business in Tasmania

Goal One focuses on making Tasmania a great place to do business. We need this if we are going to offset the impact of the resources boom and be able to compete for investment. Our planning system and infrastructure need to support this investment. Our businesses need to have access to the skills and information required to take advantage of market opportunities.

Goal Two - To maximise Tasmania's economic potential in key sectors

Goal Two is about making the most of Tasmania’s competitive advantages. We need to understand our strengths and opportunities, and use this knowledge to drive investment attraction and trade promotion. This knowledge is also a critical input into decisionmaking on issues like infrastructure, skills, land use and regional planning. All of these elements need to be aligned to be investment-ready.

Goal Three - To improve the social and environmental sustainability of the economy

Goal Three centres on social and environmental sustainability. Social sustainability focuses on sharing the benefits of economic development and  not leaving some in our community behind. The initial focus for environmental sustainability will be to both promote and capture the business benefits of acting sustainably.

Goal Four - To support and grow communities within regions

Goal Four is about recognising the importance of place and communities. People do not live in sectors or businesses – we live in our communities. We need to unlock the creativity and passion of people in their local communities for sustainable economic development. This means working across all levels of government – national, state and local – to achieve economic outcomes that promote local solutions. It is about translating strategy to reality on the ground. Place and liveability are connected. Through improving our liveability we are better placed to attract people to live, work, visit, invest and trade.

Below are printable versions of the four goals:



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