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An implementation plan for each initiative, based on project management methodology, will be developed by the lead agency. This will identify milestones, budgets, key performance indicators and the members of cross-agency project teams. To support this coordination, a whole-of-government 2.0 web-based platform will be built to enable collaboration, stakeholder engagement, reporting and enhance transparency.

The Minister for Economic Development will be responsible for the overall coordination of the implementation of the Economic Development Plan including review, impact assessment and coordination of reporting.

The Tasmanian Development Board has provided leadership in overseeing the development of the Economic Development Plan. It will continue its key role of providing strategic advice to government on implementation of the Economic Development Plan.

Regional reference groups will provide advice on regional economic development generally and specifically on the development, implementation and evaluation of regional and community action plans; and linkages between government, industry and community aimed at finding solutions that build local assets and promote collaborative partnerships.

The government will also engage with other important government advisory bodies including the Tasmanian Infrastructure Advisory Council, the Tasmanian Planning Commission and the Skills Tasmania Board.

The implementation of the Economic Development Plan will be dependant on:


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