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Sector development

Sector development

Goal Two is focused on making the most of Tasmania's competitive advantages.

Under this goal, the sectoral approach started in the Innovation Strategy is deepened and extended.

All sectors of the economy have been considered and strategies developed for Tasmania's key trade and investment industries.

The objective of the sectoral strategies is to focus whole-of-government attention on making the most of our opportunities and overcoming constraints to growth. Industry sectors will have different priority issues. For example, waste management is a priority for many industries including mining, mineral processing and red meat sectors, while water for irrigation is a priority for vegetables, dairy and wine. Agricultural sectors are concerned about the cost and availability of labour, while manufacturing, science and research and tourism sectors are concerned with skill shortages.

We need to understand our strengths and opportunities, and use this knowledge to drive investment attraction and trade promotion. This knowledge is also a critical input into decision-making on issues like infrastructure, skills, land use and regional planning. All need to be aligned so that we are investment ready.

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