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In The home

Protect your home, family and treasured possessions by taking the appropriate fire safety precautions. When you follow the correct safety measures, you are actively fighting fire.

Good habits for heating

Always position clothes, newspapers, kindling and other flammable materials a minimum two metres from any heater.


•  Have your heater installed to Australian Standards specifications by a professional installer.

Portable heaters

• Always purchase a portable heater that automatically shuts out when knocked over

• Position portable heaters away from areas of heavy traffic

• Always turn off your heater when going to bed or leaving the house

Chimneys and flues

•  Have your flue installed professionally

• Clean your chimney or flue regularly

• Insulate the flue from roofing timbers and wall panelling

Open Fireplaces

•  Place a metal mesh guard in front of open fires to protect against flying sparks and embers

•  Unless well-guarded, extinguish the fire completely before leaving the house or retiring for the night

•  Guards help protect children from burn injuries



Other fire safety tips



    •  Never use petrol or kerosene to start your barbecue - as well as being extremely dangerous, children may be encouraged to copy your actions.

    •  Keep all flammable liquids away from your barbecue

Flammable liquids

    •  Store flammable liquids such as petrol, kerosene, methylated spirits, paints and solvents well away from heat sources such as barbecues


    •  Store matches and lighters away from children

    •  Never smoke in bed

    •  Extinguish cigarettes before discarding. Discarded cigarette butts need to be disposed of safely, as many fires have started from a cigarette falling onto furniture.

    •  Always use deep-sided ashtrays as an additional safe guard.

Burning candles and oils

    •  Do not place burning candles, incense or oils close to furnishings such as curtains

    •  Snuff out naked flames when leaving the room or going to bed.