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How to Survive a Fire

Your Escape

Don't Panic, Don't Waste Time

•  Panic causes confusion and disorientation.
•  Many people die from it.
•  Don't stop to get dressed.
•  Grab a woollen blanket and move quickly.

Crawl low in Smoke

•  The freshest air remains just above the floor while toxic smoke and superheated air rises to the ceiling.

Avoid Hot Doors

•  Feel every door before opening it.
•  If it is hot or there is smoke do not open it and find another exit.

Opening and Closing Doors

•  Stay low;
•  Turn your head away from the door and open it carefully and slowly;
•  Opening a door gives fire oxygen; and
•  Close it behind you on your way out.

Surviving Burns

Stop, drop, rock and roll

  • Teach your children to Stop, Drop, Rock and Roll in the event their clothes catch fire.
    •  Stop - put your hands over your face
    •  Drop - gently drop to the ground
    •  Rock n Roll - rock and roll back and forth on the ground until clothes stop burning
  • This will smother the flames while protecting their face and respratory tract from flames and rising heat.

Relieving Burns

•  Run cold water over any burns for at least 10 minutes;
•  Do not use butter, ice or ointments or cover the burn with cotton wool; and
•  Burnt clothes should be removed by medical staff.