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Mobile Device Access

The TFS-Online website for mobile devices (Mobile phones, Blackberries, PDA's etc) is designed to allow the public to get the most up to date bushfire, permit and bushfire map information from their mobile phone (or other mobile device).

If you have a mobile device that is web capable and web browsing is included on the device's plan then go to the link

The information is as up to date as the full TFS-Online web site. To get an idea of what it will look like on a mobile phone follow the links below.

The following menu should be displayed:

Tasmania Fire Service Mobile Portal

  1. Bushfire Summaries
  2. Fire Permits
  3. Maps
  4. TFS Online (non-mobile)

Follow the links to see the current bushfire list and selecting one will display the details of that fire.

The Fire Permit option displays the council municipalities that require fire permits and permits issued.

To access the bushfires map on your mobile device

The following instructions may not work on all devices; there are known issues with Google Maps on IOS6.

The display of the bushfire map on your mobile device requires the installation of Google Maps for Mobile on your device.

The instructions below will assist (the instructions are also available on your mobile by following the Maps menu item at

  1. Load Google Maps for Mobile, which can be downloaded from here.
  2. Depending on the type of mobile device, in Google Maps select "Search" or "Find Location".
  3. Enter the following URL: into the Google Maps search field.
  4. Browse the incident placemarks displayed on the map.

For more information on Google Maps for Mobile click here.