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Funding Boost for Aboriginal Lands Council

Thu 17 May 2012

Cassy O'Connor

Minister for Aboriginal Affairs

The Minister for Community Development, Cassy O'Connor, announced today that the State Government will be providing an additional $90,000 recurrent to the Aboriginal Lands Council of Tasmania (ALCT).

Ms O'Connor said the funding boost would bring the Council's funding to $314,000 per annum.

"The Aboriginal Lands Council of Tasmania is the statutory body responsible for maintaining lands returned to the Aboriginal Community through the Parliament," she said.

"By increasing their funding, we are working to support the Council's long term financial sustainability and ensure it is able to meet its community and legislative obligations.

Ms O'Connor said the increased funding allocation was in line with the recent announcement of plans to return further land to the Aboriginal community.

"The Government recently announced plans to return larapuna and Rebecca Creek back to the community," she said.

"These proposed returns will increase the insurance and maintenance costs of ALCT which is why we need to ensure they remain financially secure."

Ms O'Connor said that ALCT had been calling for a funding increase for some time.

Funding Boost for Aboriginal Lands Council