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Police and Emergency Management

Police and Emergency Management

Tasmania is one of the safest communities in Australia, with crime rates dropping to record lows since Labor took office in 1998.

Tasmania Police has produced exceptional results in that time, with the number of recorded offences falling by almost 50%, and crime clean-up rates more than doubling.

As recently as 2010-11, the number of recorded crimes fell to a 30 years low, with assaults, burglaries and property crime continuing to drop.

Our police officers are now better-trained, better-paid and better-equipped than when Labor took office. It's little wonder that a 2011 survey found 68 per cent of Tasmanians interviewed were either satisfied or very satisfied with Tasmania Police's management of public order problems - up from 60 per cent in 2010.

The Government recently funded new or refurbished police stations in several communities, and is making responsible budget decisions to ensure Tasmania can still afford that strong and effective police service for years to come.

The Tasmania Fire Service does an exceptional job protecting lives and property. Our brave and dedicated professional officers are ably assisted by about 4500 volunteers, who perform a vital role for their communities.

The Government is supporting those efforts by investing in state-of-the-art technology, including replacing the TFS tanker fleet with 70 new vehicles over the next five years. We're also investigating legislation to better-compensate fire officers who become ill or injured in the line of duty.

The State Emergency Service continues to be respond admirably to support Tasmanians in times of disaster - whether it's floods, fires, or people lost in the wilderness. This wonderful effort is supported by the valuable commitment and community spirit of about 580 volunteers.