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Our transport system links us to each other and to the world. Tasmania needs an integrated, efficient and safe transport system to deliver sustainable economic growth and to build resilient regional communities.

A transport system that is integrated, efficient and safe is essential for building sustainable economic growth and vibrant communities. The State Government is committed to delivering a system that will link Tasmanians to each other, and to the future.

Tasmania’s transport system needs to cater for more freight and passenger movements than ever before, and demand is set to increase. Through strategic planning, major investments in road and rail, and the creation of better intermodal links, we will be able to deliver a more efficient transport system that will meet the needs of Tasmania now and into the future.

Improving the capacity and safety of public transport across Tasmania provides an environmentally sustainable alternative to private vehicles and a vital service for Tasmanians without their own transport. We will continue to develop strategic policy in this area, including encouraging the upgrading of school buses.

Improving the safety of our roads requires a coordinated approach. That is why we have developed a comprehensive Road Safety Strategy to target the main causes of crashes and will continue to work with communities to improve safety outcomes.