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Primary Industries and Water

Primary Industries and Water

mania's Primary Industries are vital parts of Tasmania's future and central to the ongoing economic propserity of the State and the Government is committed to ensuring the long term viability and success of these industries. Inextricably linked to that success is the State's water resource and how it is managed now and in the future.

ming and fishing in a sustainable and economically viable way, whilst being ecologically sound and socially responsible is challenging.

So too is remaining globally competitive and improving upon our competitive advantages. The clever marriage of these principles is key to growth of primary industries.

Water has never been more important to Tasmania's farmers.Water planning is paramount to better position Tasmania's agricultural sector for the future and Government is aggressively pursuing improved water storage and its delivery infrastructure.

The fight to save the Tasmanian devil continues with a primary focus on on-ground management such as establishing effective insurance populations, working closely with Tasmanian Wildlife Park and implementing strategies to protect devils in the wild from becoming infected.

The massive response to fox eradication is commensurate with the menace of the fox to Tasmania's environment, primary industries and Tasmanian brand values. Fox eradication from Tasmania will span a concerted 10 year program to protect the State from ravages by this pest.

By balancing planning and action the State Government will continue to provide leadership and support for Tasmania's Primary Industries and one of its most critical natural resources.

The Government is laying the foundation for future growth of the agricultural sector through the expansion of our irrigation network around the State. The $400 million water development strategy is a unique partnership between the State and Federal Governments together with the private sector.