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Innovation, Science and Technology

Innovation, Science and Technology

There are many challenges facing every nation on earth in the 21st Century world. In particular, we are experiencing the rapid onset of the telecommunications revolution, the need for a sustainable renewable energy future and the imperative to manage scarce water resources. 

Tasmania already has a great reputation for innovation, science and technology. Our isolation as an island meant that our forefathers had to be innovative to survive and Tasmania's reputation for scientific research and technological know-how has grown over time.

Just like the unprecedented scale of innovation and technological transformation that hydro electricity brought in the 20th Century, Tasmania's future will be closely tied to our ability to stay connected with each other and to a fast-paced world.

With the rollout of the National Broadband Network (NBN), Tasmania is taking a giant leap into a digital future. Telecommunications infrastructure will be the hydro-electric dams, poles and wires of the 21st Century, creating new generation jobs and industries.

The NBN is about much more than faster internet - it's also about the real benefits that will come as our community connects to the network and to each other. There will be new ways of delivering heath, education, government, community and business services. 

With only 1.5% of the Australian landmass, Tasmania receives 12% of this continent's rainfall. We are managing our water resources right now, with the State Government delivering on $400 million of irrigation investment.

Tasmania currently produces 50% of all of Australia's renewable electricity and has a knowledge bank in renewable energy unsurpassed in South East Asia. It will help us to create modern industries and modern jobs.

Tasmania continues to be a place that inspires creativity and resourcefulness. By fostering an innovative, smart and skilled culture, we will attract investment and make Tasmania a great place to live, work and play.

Through innovation, science and technology, we can harness Tasmania's natural advantages, drive sustained economic growth, strengthen our community and change the lives of all Tasmanians.