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Energy and Resources

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Renewable energy, harnessed from Tasmania’s unique natural resources and the talent of our people, has been central to Tasmania’s identity for more than 100 years.  The global focus on climate change makes this competitive advantage more valuable than ever before.

Since Labor came to power in 1998, we have secured Tasmania’s energy future through connection to natural gas and Basslink.  Hundreds of millions of dollars have been invested to improve the reach and reliability of our energy networks.  Energy reform has invigorated our economy and broadened the outlook of the Tasmanian community.

The next chapter of Tasmania’s energy story should be even more exciting.  Our competitive energy market is evolving rapidly. Tasmanian energy businesses, both public and private, are in demand around the world.

The State Government is  determined to drive the policy and regulatory decisions required to support the full attainment of our massive potential in this regard.

Tasmania has outstanding forest and mineral resources. The State Government will continue to promote the sustainable development of these resources for the benefit of the Tasmanian community, taking into account economic, environmental and social issues.

The Government will encourage business opportunities for Tasmania’s mineral resources, including onshore and offshore exploration and downstream processing. It will facilitate new investment projects that add value to the state’s forests and forest products.