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There is no more important task for the Government, and community, than helping its children get the best possible start in life. In Tasmania there is a whole-of-government commitment to ensuring Tasmania's children are nurtured, educated and protected.

Tasmania is moving to a public health approach to safeguarding and supporting the health and wellbeing of all children, and providing good quality care for children whose parents are unable or unwilling to do this. The public health approach is articulated in Sharing Responsibility for Our Children, Young People and Their Families: Government Embracing Change in Response to the Select Committee in Child Protection Final Report 2011.

This builds on the great foundation of existing work in both the community and government sectors to improve outcomes for Tasmanian children and families, and to ensure that our ongoing reforms align with Our Children Our Young People Our Future. This Agenda sets out how services to support children and young people will be focussed over the next decade.

The children's portfolio includes the state-wide roll out of Child and Family Centres, universal and free child health and parenting services, childcare policy, early year's education and support services for children and young people at risk and in out-of-home-care.